Can we ever end police brutality/murder? YES WE CAN END POLICE BRUTALITY AND MURDER!

One thing our Congress should do IMMEDIATELY to ELIMINATE OVERNIGHT the great majority of police brutality and murder is to pass a federal law decriminalizing all non-violent misdemeanor laws/statutes.

The great majority of all police brutality/murder cases occur during attempted misdemeanor arrests. If we eliminate non-violent misdemeanor arrests, we categorically eliminate the great majority of police brutality/murder cases. Did you know the nationwide average for felony arrest per officer is approx. one felony arrest per year? The great majority of officer arrests in their career are indeed misdemeanor arrests. Felony arrests per officer are far less frequent than most people realize: eliminate all non-violent misdemeanors from arrest and you just eliminated the great majority of all police brutality/murder cases.

The Scale of Misdemeanor Justice
“The first notable fact the data reveal is no surprise: the volume of misdemeanor cases is very high. By the NCSC’s accounting, misdemeanor cases represent approximately three-quarters of the criminal justice cases processed in the United States.”

If one fails to appear in court on a misdemeanor case, your driver’s license is suspended or you’re unable to renew until you go to court and clear up your misdemeanor case.

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Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1 (1985)

Under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, a police officer may use deadly force to prevent the escape of a fleeing suspect only if the officer has a good-faith belief that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others.

A Tennessee statute provides that, if, after a police officer has given notice of an intent to arrest a criminal suspect, the suspect flees or forcibly resists, “the officer may use all the necessary means to effect the arrest.” Acting under the authority of this statute, a Memphis police officer shot and killed appellee-respondent Garner’s son as, after being told to halt, the son fled over a fence at night in the backyard of a house he was suspected of burglarizing. The officer used deadly force despite being “reasonably sure” the suspect was unarmed and thinking that he was 17 or 18 years old, and of slight build. The father subsequently brought an action in Federal District Court, seeking damages under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 for asserted violations of his son’s constitutional rights. The District Court held that the statute and the officer’s actions were constitutional.

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Officer Brindley Blood of Lawrence, Kansas, resigned from her job in January.

By Enjoli Francis
March 26, 2019, 7:31 PM

A now former Lawrence, Kansas, police officer is expected in court on Wednesday to face a charge for shooting a suspect during a struggle after allegedly mistaking her gun for a stun gun.

Officer Brindley Blood was responding to a traffic stop call on May 29, 2018, when she encountered Officer Ian McCann trying to arrest driver Akira Lewis.

McCann had allegedly pulled over Lewis that day for a seat belt violation.

The full seven minute and 51 second dash cam video of the traffic stop was released to ABC News affiliate KMBC-TV.

In the video, McCann is seen approaching the driver side of Lewis’ SUV just after 5 p.m.

Moments after McCann began speaking to Lewis, the vehicle inched forward, the video showed.

“Hey man. Stop!” McCann said to Lewis.

Lewis quickly stopped the vehicle and McCann, again, walked to the driver’s side window.

“My family is homeless. I’m trying to go to fucking work. … You gonna stop me for a fucking seat belt?” Lewis said.

“I’m gonna pull you over right here,” said McCann. “This is literally gonna literally take only four minutes.

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Police officers are rarely prosecuted in the US. Here’s why:

Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd, is on trial right now. But Chauvin is a major outlier in a system that very rarely imposes serious criminal charges against cops for an on-duty shooting or killing.

Take shootings, for which Chauvin is not accused of, but for which we have the best data: Since 2005, 139 police officers have been arrested for murder or manslaughter due to an on-duty shooting, according to data from Philip Matthew Stinson, a criminal justice expert at Bowling Green State University who has been tracking the data for years. That amounts to fewer than nine prosecutions a year.

About 1,000 fatal police shootings are reported each year in the US — so the arrest rate is around 1 percent, never higher than 2 percent. Some, perhaps most, shootings are justified. But the number of police officers prosecuted “seems extremely low to me,” Stinson told me. “In my opinion, it’s got to be that more of the fatal shootings are unjustified.”

Of those 139 officers, just 44 were convicted (with 42 cases still pending). Many of those convictions came on lesser charges: Just seven officers have been convicted of murder in police shootings since 2005, with their prison sentences ranging from 81 months to life.

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Body Camera Video Shows Tulsa Police ‘Accidentally’ Shoot Suspect

A reserve sheriff’s deputy accidentally shot an unarmed man with a gun instead of a Taser, and Oklahoma law enforcement officials berated the man as he lay dying on the ground, according to body-camera footage released this weekend. CAROLINE COURNOYER | APRIL 13, 2015

Do you realize police have “GO TO” excuses for killing someone to get away with murder? Do you know how many times a police officer has been found NOT GUILTY of killing a person with their gun because the cop made the claim they “accidentally” shot them with their gun and they meant to shoot them with their taser? Google it.
JURYS CLEAR THEM EACH AND EVERY TIME! It’s a “GET AWAY WITH MURDER” excuse cops routinely use to get away with murder.
I should write a book titled, “TOP TEN EXCUSES COPS USE TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER.”

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A reserve sheriff’s deputy accidentally shot an unarmed man with a gun instead of a Taser, and Oklahoma law enforcement officials berated the man as he lay dying on the ground, according to body-camera footage released this weekend.

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4% of Americans believe violence is justified because the election was stolen from them. That equates to approximately ten million Americans.
Donald Trump and Republicans created the BIG LIE that the 2020 election was stolen. Last January 6, 2021 the Republican insurgency reared its ugly head at the Capitol. A portion of those 4% who believe violence is justified showed up at the Capitol and engaged in violence.

I predict it will happen again during the mid-term elections. Trump and Republicans truly, truly believe they and they alone represent mainstream America; they believe they represent the majority of Americans; however, the exact opposite is true. Such facts will not inhibit or deter a Republican insurgency from rearings its ugly head again during the mid-term elections.
Trump and the GOP believed they were invincible, as Trump explained: if we lose it will only be because of Democrats cheating.

Trump and his Followers suffer a never-ending mass delusion that Trump won the 2020 election and absent Democrats cheating, shall win all subsequent elections.

When you couple that delusion with 4% of Americans who believe violence is justified, another Republican insurgency seems inevitable.

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What do Republican conservative justices have in common with the pickup truck driving, flag-waving Trump supporter?

What does Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy, MAGA believers have in common with Supreme Court justices Alito and Thomas??

They all believe they have a right to discriminate based on religion or other reasons. The MAGA cap wearing unit will tell you they are not racist – they just don’t want their kid going to mixed schools; we’re not racist – we simply oppose equality when it contradicts our religious beliefs. The Right is mad at the media for casting The Right as racist bad guys instead of “respecting” their precious fantasy right to discriminate against people they don’t like.

They lost the cultural wars and they want to use gov’t to bully the rest of us around.

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is under criminal investigation for fraud, yet he spent millions unsuccessfully proving the existence of “voter fraud.” It was a massive failure, yielding only 16 possible cases out of millions of votes.

Mitch McConnell : “I find it completely discouraging that I find a bunch of corporate CEOs gettin’ in the middle of politics. My advice to the corporate CEOs is to stay out of politics, don’t pick sides in these big fights.”

It’s easier for the GOP to suppress the vote than earn the vote.

Of all the GOP voter suppression bills/laws that cause the most harm is the VOTER ID requirement. To the unknowing the idea of requiring a person to produce valid, current driver’s license or ID in order to vote may seem appealing. In reality and practice, requiring voters to produce valid driver’s license or ID to vote is the single most harmful law disaffecting the voter’s constitutional right to vote. Nearly 25% of black voters say they do not have a valid ID or driver’s license.

First of all, did you know Americans voted without driver’s license or ID requirements for over two hundred years? Did you know the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that it is unconstitutional for a state to require a voter to have valid ID in order to vote in a national election?… Read the rest here >>>

One of the planks of the progressive agenda and an important solution to help reduce police brutality and murder is to de-criminalize all misdemeanor offenses except for violent misdemeanor offenses. The great majority of police brutality and murder occur during misdemeanor arrests, since there are far more misdemeanor arrests made than felony arrests made.

We could virtually eliminate the majority of police crimes against persons by simply de-criminalizing ALL MISDEMEANOR OFFENSES, except for violent misd. offenses. Instead of arrest, the subject could be issued a summons to court. It’s actually the constitutional and right thing to do as well. The murder of George Floyd is a prime example of such an unnecessary misdemeanor arrest resulting in the killing of George Floyd.

It is more than worth mentioning that the arrest of George Floyd was most likely unlawful and certainly unwarranted. Floyd’s arrest was definitely unnecessary and moreover, evidence of the bad faith of the arresting officers at best. What usually happens around that neighborhood and in that corner store is, if the clerk encounters what the clerk may believe is a counterfeit bill the clerk summons the police, the police arrive and DO NOT ARREST THE SUBJECT; but instead engage in investigative questioning for the purpose of providing source info for the Secret Service, who are the ONLY trier of fact in issuing a determination whether or not a currency piece is counterfeit or not.

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Can we ever end voter suppression? YES WE CAN END VOTER SUPPRESSION!

The greatest threat to democracy and our political system is GOP state legislators trying to pass over 400 unconstitutional, voter suppression bills nearly nation-wide.

So how do we end voter suppression?

Simply put, by federalizing our federal elections, eliminating state legislature control of our federal elections; by instituting 256-bit encryption on our Social Security Administration website using two-tiered verification; by identifying the voter via our Social Security database and voting IN YOUR ONLINE SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT.

First of all, it is essential one realize as long as state legislatures legislate and control federal elections via state operations, voters will continue to suffer ENDLESS VOTER SUPPRESSION.

THE SOLUTION to endless voter suppression is to federalize our federal elections, completely ELIMINATING state legislature control of federal elections.

THE SOLUTION includes SOCIAL SECURITY VOTING. What the heck is Social Security Voting? Each person in America who has a Social Security number enjoys an online Social Security account. You can create your own online Social Security account right now by visiting the Social Security Administration website:

You log in to your SS acc’t and view your lifetime earnings record, including how much Social Security tax you paid in to Social Security, how much you paid in FICA taxes, etc.… Read the rest here >>>

Clearly We The People need to tax the rich and stop borrowing money from the Federal Reserve.

Sufficiently taxing large corporations and the uber rich can do amazing things:

1) can relieve us from borrowing from the Federal Reserve;

2) can relieve us from increasing the national debt;

3) can allow us to stop taxing the middle class/poor;

4) can allow us to fully fund government programs;

It is essential voters recognize and realize the federal budget is not only unnecessary, but has been used by both parties to exclude the needs of We The People in favor of big corporations/special interests wants and desires.

It is essential voters realize Congress has the constitutional power and authority to issue currency and deposit it directly into a U.S. government bank account to be spent as Congress sees fit: WITHOUT BORROWING MONEY FROM THE FEDERAL RESERVE! WITHOUT INCREASING THE NATIONAL DEBT A SINGLE DIME!

The truth is, primarily the Republican Party has used the 1974 Budget Act as a hedge against meeting the needs of the People and has used it to fund big corporations/special interests.

You don’t hear a word about inflationary concerns from the GOP whenever they pass a multi-trillion dollar giftbag for wealthy Republicans/big corporations.

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I believe and contend we should expand the U.S. Supreme Court to 35 Supreme Court Justices. Why?

1) To avoid the “Ginsburg Dilemma” from ever happening again; if a single justice dies, that death will not upset the operation of the court;

2) To lower the court backlog by utilizing 7 quorums of five-member panels – cases randomly assigned to a quorum of justices.

The Democrat Party should model the U.S. Supreme Court after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals:

*the 9th Circuit employs 48 justices;

*the 9th Circuit randomly assigns small quorums (or en banc for major cases) to most cases, thereby increasing court caseload;

*if a 9th Circuit judge dies, such death does not derail the continuity of the court and its ability to process their caseload;

This is why I recommend 35 U.S. Supreme Court Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court, operating in seven quorums of five-member panels.

Such an arrangement would greatly reduce the court’s backlogged caseload, yet major cases could be decided en banc.

Voters and party officials/politicians need to come to grip with the reality the incumbent party can set the makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court. It is perfectly constitutional for our government to expand the number of justices on the U.S.

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