I recommend Democrats reject bi-partisanship between Democrats and Republicans since the solutions to America’s problems are not found in conservative policy but are found in progressive agenda. Republicans certainly have rejected bi-partisanship in favor of their conservative solutions and conservative appointments. I personally abhor conservatism – I consider conservatism a mild form of mental illness in the narcissistic vein of Donald Trump: “I’m doing great and to hell with you, buddy!”

Conservatives believe government is not supposed to be solving life’s major problems for Americans; Trump refused to invoke the Defense Production Act in the production of PPE – why not? Two reasons: one, Trump believes it’s not the job of the federal government to provide states PPE and testing; 2) Trump and Kushner made money hustling PPE on the private market; Kushner was selling masks for $8,9,10 bucks each whereas had Trump invoked the Defense Production Act, mask prices would have fallen to about a dollar or less per mask. Trump specifically stated he believes the private market would solve the problem, while he stuck his head…in the sand.

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