Instead of a minimum wage of $15 per hour, the plan should be to FEDERALLY-SUBSIDIZE $15 ON TOP OF EXISTING WAGES!!!!! AND institute $2k monthly UBI ASAP!!!
Jesus Christ, the American people seem to lowball ourselves all the time….America needs $2k MONTHLY UBI……and stop borrowing from the damn Federal Reserve! There’s no need to borrow anything from anyone since our Congress has the constitutional authority to direct deposit unlimited currency into U.S. gov’t bank accounts…….we’ve been lied to for so long….your favorite Congressperson has been lying to you telling you our gov’t operates like a household budget with limited funds…….

The American people seem to lowball ourselves too much…….instead of $15 min. wage, the PLAN should be two-fold: 1) $15 per hour ON TOP OF EXISTING WAGES; 2) UBI $2K MONTHLY.
forget $15 an hour, that’s not enough to pay for a one-bdrm. apt. & utilities, much less food or anything else; UBI-FOR-ALL is the only real significant attempt at income equalization for the middle class and poor. Anytime you frontload cash into the economy via the middle class and poor, you drive the consumer price index and producer price index way up, increasing sales, increasing orders, increasing jobs & profits; when you frontload money into The People, we spend it, unlike big business who SITS ON THE MONEY and holds their breath thru the hard times while the worker dies on the vine.

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