The Republican Insurgency

4% of Americans believe violence is justified because the election was stolen from them. That equates to approximately ten million Americans.
Donald Trump and Republicans created the BIG LIE that the 2020 election was stolen. Last January 6, 2021 the Republican insurgency reared its ugly head at the Capitol. A portion of those 4% who believe violence is justified showed up at the Capitol and engaged in violence.

I predict it will happen again during the mid-term elections. Trump and Republicans truly, truly believe they and they alone represent mainstream America; they believe they represent the majority of Americans; however, the exact opposite is true. Such facts will not inhibit or deter a Republican insurgency from rearings its ugly head again during the mid-term elections.
Trump and the GOP believed they were invincible, as Trump explained: if we lose it will only be because of Democrats cheating.

Trump and his Followers suffer a never-ending mass delusion that Trump won the 2020 election and absent Democrats cheating, shall win all subsequent elections.

When you couple that delusion with 4% of Americans who believe violence is justified, another Republican insurgency seems inevitable.

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