The one thing our Congress should do IMMEDIATELY to ELIMINATE OVERNIGHT the great majority of police brutality and murder is to pass a federal law decriminalizing all non-violent misdemeanors, thereby eliminating all non-violent misdemeanor arrests.

The great majority of all police brutality/murder cases arise during a misdemeanor arrest.

Did you know the nationwide average for felony arrest per officer is approx. one felony arrest per year? The great majority of officer arrests in their career are indeed misdemeanor arrests.

Felony arrest per officer are far less frequent than most people realize: eliminate all non-violent misdemeanors from arrest and you just eliminated the great majority of all police brutality/murder cases.

Here in Colorado, if one fails to appear in court on a misdemeanor case your driver’s license is suspended or unable to renew until you go to court and clear up your misdemeanor case.

This federal law would eliminate the possibility of police brutality and murder during non-violent misdemeanor arrests.

You are not going to “fix” the problems with 18,000 police departments across America via local or state laws.

Institutionalized racism permeates all 18,000 police depts. No one will EVER eliminate the racism from these 18,000 police departments.

THE SOLUTION is to pass a federal bill creating a national police force while simultaneously disbanding all 18,000 police departments.

This new “Federal Police Force” would only handle emergency calls involving violence or credible threat of violence.

You could bring a police chief from each major city to Congress to testify the FACT that well below 50% of all 911 calls require armed personnel response.

The great majority of 911 calls need UNARMED COMMUNITY RESPONSE – not an armed “Federal Police Force” response.

The benefits of operating a “Federal Police Force” are immense:

approx. one-third the size of all 18,000 police depts. in the aggregate;

frees up half a municipal budget for each city due to the elimination of a municipality’s police budget; currently and traditionally, over half of a city’s budget goes to the local police department;

brand new hiring and training practices, including robust, innovative psychological profiling of police candidates;

U.S. Justice Dept. replacing “cops investigating cops” investigating and prosecuting use of force complaints.

Local prosecution of police officers under local/state laws are a waste of time, money and energy; instead, police officers should be indicted, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced under U.S.C. TITLE 18, SEC. 242 in a federal courtroom.

The concept of a new “Federal Police Force” features federal law enforcement of our civil and constitutional rights.

Imagine an America where a citizen can actually summon federal police to enforce your constitutional rights in a given situation – something not possible and unheard of today!

Perhaps you’re not familiar with one of the most, if not the most important federal law on the books: U.S.C. TITLE 18, SEC. 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.

The law is straightforward: Basically any person acting under color of law who violates a person’s civil/constitutional rights is guilty of violating this law and it carries a minimum penalty of one year in federal prison and up to life in prison, depending upon the severity of the violation.