One day, even the poorest Americans will realize they deserve a piece of the great American Experience – but when will Congress realize even the poorest amongst us deserve a minimum standard of care in the self-described, “Greatest, Richest, Most Powerful Nation on Earth!”

Show me someone who believes implementing a UBI is just a mindless, discipline-free, big money government-giveaway, and I’ll show you someone who is a low-information voter who does not understand that a permanent UBI program would create the biggest economic boom and job creation in U.S. history. Frontloading cash into our economic ecosystem IS HOW we maintain a healthy economy. The American worker produces 75% of GDP annually by spending money in our economy. Unlike big corporations, when the U.S. government gives money to workers, they SPEND IT INTO THE ECONOMY – THEREBY INCREASING U.S. GDP SIGNIFICANTLY.


$2,000 per month x 12 months = $24,000 a year multiplied by 300 million Americans = $7.5 trillion.

A monthly UBI of $2,000 per month would provide economic stability on many levels: such guaranteed income would provide the constant stream of demand necessary to significantly drive sales, orders, small business owner profits. $2k UBI would provide greater housing and food security so badly needed in this country. $2k UBI could mean life or death for many Americans, the people “out-of-the-loop” in a never-ending cycle of poverty and many times undiagnosed mental illness. We could virtually end homelessness in America with a $2k UBI. And this $2k UBI shall be penalty-free from the IRS and any other gov’t agency.