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How Are Democrats Going To Pass SB1/HR1 Bills?

The ONLY WAY Democrats can pass the SB1/HR1 anti-voter suppression bills will be if Joe Manchin agrees to eliminate the 60 vote filibuster.

Not one Republican Senator will vote for any Democrat election bill,

especially since McConnell quickly told Manchin his bill is dead right now because not one Republican will vote for his bill.

Manchin has made it clear he will not vote to eliminate the 60 vote filibuster UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Why would Stacey Abrams agree with and support Manchin’s version of SB1/HR1 WITHOUT asking Manchin:




Stacey Abrams was wrong when she said VOTER ID laws are acceptable – NO THEY ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE!

It is a fact that unconstitutional voter ID laws suppress the black/minority vote.

In 2016 Donald Trump won Wisconsin by approx. 23,000 votes; that margin could have been overcome, BUT FOR unconstitutional WISCONSIN VOTER ID LAWS.

Up to 25% of black voters do not have a car, a driver’s license or a state government ID card, and cannot afford to get one either.

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Why Voter ID Laws and Requirements Are Patently Unconstitutional ( See 24th Amendment)

Prior to the 2006 mid-term elections, no state ever required a voter to produce a government-issued photo ID as a condition for voting.

It is a fact that for over 200 years in America voters did not show gov’t issued ID to vote in elections.

Since 2006 election researchers know that states requiring gov’t issued ID in order to vote, reduced the black and minority vote significantly, due to poor people’s inability to pay the up front costs of obtaining a birth certificate and getting a gov’t issued ID card made. ($50-250)

The GAO estimated that up to 25% of African Americans do not have a birth certificate or a gov’t issued ID card or driver’s license.

Think it doesn’t matter? No big deal? In 2016 Donald Trump won Wisconsin by a very thin margin of 23,000 votes; had there been no state voter ID requirement, that slim 23,000 vote margin would have most likely been overcome by the number of blacks who were unable to vote due to lack of having a State of Wisconsin issued ID card.

In 2020 candidate Joe Biden won Wisconsin by a slim margin of only about 20,600 votes; had not the Wisconsin Supreme Court stopped Republicans from purging 129,000 Wisconsin voters off the voter rolls, Biden would have lost Wisconsin and Trump would have won Wisconsin again by the same exclusionary method.

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Progressive Platform 2021-2022

A progressive Democrat-controlled Congress could do incredible things, such as:

1) create a U.S. government bank account at the U.S. Treasury Dept.

2) Fund that U.S. “Expense Account” with $25 trillion annually; a) by raising corporate taxes and ending corporate subsidies; b) by depositing U.S. currency directly into that account without borrowing from the Federal Reserve;

3) Fund federal and state programs as needed. Enjoy full federal funding for programs such as:

*Climate Change/Green New Deal;





*Vastly improved stationary and transportation infrastructure programs;

*Ultimate Tax Reform;

*Federally-subsidized Wages.

Creating a new economic model also requires a new banking model to accomodate Americans who are unable to open a traditional brick and mortar bank account: Federal Banking-For-All

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
What would economic justice look like? Such a topic should be widely discussed. I believe economic justice for the middle class and poor should be federally-funded.

The road to “Economic Justice” runs through understanding and realizing how our government funds the bills our Congress writes and passes.… Read the rest here >>>


Republicans are incapable or unwilling to accept the fact Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.

As a result of their inability to accept truth and defeat, Republicans have conspired together to maliciously and intentionally violate voters’ constitutional right to vote in free and fair elections, by drafting and passing 400+ voter suppression laws desgined to either suppress the vote or steal the vote away from the voter by ignoring the actual vote count and substituting the GOP candidate. Republicans commit these constitutional crimes in broad daylight, shamelessly lying and spinning every step of the way.

Exactly how are these 400+ GOP election laws suppressing the vote?

1) Voter ID requirements;

2) Voter Rolls Purged;

3) Prohibiting Ballot Drop Boxes;

4) Prohibiting Mail-in Ballots;

5) Prohibiting Drive-thru voting;

6) Prohibiting 24/7 after hours voting;

7) Gerrymandering;

8) Requiring mail-in ballots to be notarized by a Notary Public.

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‘Uncle’ Tim says ‘America is NOT a RACIST country’: Data says otherwise

By: Roy Douglas Malonson

“Hear me clearly,” says Senator Tim Scott, currently the only Black Republican senator, “America is not a racist country.”

Now, my expectations for 2021 are pretty low, but I never thought I’d hear such an egregious lie being uttered from the mouth of a Black person, no matter the political party.

Senator Scott’s rebuttal came in response to President Joe Biden’s address to Congress Wednesday evening. As expected, many Republicans, conservatives, rightists, whatever they call themselves, rallied behind Scott to support the notion that the United States is not a racist country.

Surprisingly, our “Chucks and Pearls” wearing HBCU graduate Vice President Kamala Harris also panders to White America by responding that she too, does not believe that America is a racist country, but that we need to speak truth on racism.

What’s contradictory about VP Harris’ response, is that in order to speak the truth on racism in America, we have to admit that America is racist.

I want to believe that there is a general disagreement on what makes a country racist.

Senator Scott argues that American people can be racist, not the country. The issue with this is that racist people in America are often protected and rewarded by American laws.

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Chipotle Increases Wages Resulting In $15 Per Hour Average Wage And Provides Path To Six Figure Compensation In ~3 Years

Company is looking to hire 20,000 employees across the U.S. with starting wage ranges from $11-$18 per hour to support current demand and future growth

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., May 10, 2021 /PRNEWSWIRE/ — Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG) today announced it is increasing restaurant wages resulting in a $15 average hourly wage by the end of June. In addition to best-in-class benefits and a competitive hourly rate, Chipotle’s crew members can advance to a Restaurateur, the highest General Manager position, in as little as three and a half years, with average compensation of $100,000 while leading a multi-million-dollar growing business.

The wage increases for new and existing hourly and salaried restaurant employees will be rolled out over the next few weeks and will result in hourly crew member starting wages ranging from $11-$18 per hour.

Chipotle has also introduced a $200 employee referral bonus for crew members and a $750 referral bonus for Apprentices or General Managers.

To accommodate its peak season and staff the estimated 200 restaurants it plans to open this year, Chipotle is looking to hire 20,000 new team members across the U.S. For more information on job openings in your area, visit: HTTPS://JOBS.CHIPOTLE.COM/.

“Chipotle is committed to providing industry-leading benefits and accelerated growth opportunities, and we hope to attract even more talent by showcasing the potential income that can be achieved in a few short years,” said Marissa Andrada, Chief Diversity, Inclusion and People Officer at Chipotle.… Read the rest here >>>

Manchin Prefers Allowing GOP Voter Suppression Laws In Order To Protect What McConnell and Manchin Call The Integrity of the Senate

While Senator Joe Manchin is demanding that both parties agree on any further federal voting-rights legislation, a new study quantifies how completely Republicans have excluded Democrats from the passage of the restrictive voting laws proliferating in red states.

In places such as Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, and Montana, the most restrictive laws approved this year have passed on total or near-complete party-line votes, with almost all state legislative Republicans voting for the bills and nearly all Democrats uniting against them, according to an analysis of state voting records provided exclusively to The Atlantic by the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU.

That pattern of unrelenting partisanship has left many state-level Democrats incredulous at the repeated insistence by Manchin, a conservative Democrat from West Virginia, that he will support new federal voting-rights legislation only if at least some Republican senators agree to it.

Manchin is “acting like Republicans and Democrats are working together on this stuff, and Republicans in Arizona have completely shut the Democrats out of the [legislative] process,” Katie Hobbs, the Democratic secretary of state there, told me in an interview. Similarly, Jennifer Konfrst, the Democratic whip in the Iowa House of Representatives said, “It is unfathomable to me that we would look at this issue and say we have to bring Republicans along, in this political climate, in order to make true change.

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It’s Great To Be Partisan, It’s Necessary For Effective Democracy

It’s great to be partisan, when partisanship more accurately reflects the will of the People.

Effective democracy reflects the majority will of the People. Effective democracy is not measured by equal input from both political parties in the promulgation of a bill; effective democracy is found when a bill reflects the majority will of the People. Our Founding Fathers literally defined the majority will of the people as a 51 vote majority body in the U.S. Senate.

When our Founding Fathers drafted our Constitution, there were no political parties and our Founding Fathers detested the very idea of political parties; INSTEAD, our FF championed the will of the people in what our Founding Fathers called A MAJORITY BODY RULE. Not 67 votes, not 60 votes, but a 51 vote majority rule. Our Founding Fathers championed a 51 VOTE MAJORITY RULE over party considerations, especially considering there were no parties at that time.

These hardboiled, seminal facts of American history escape the modern politician, be they moderate Democrat or Republican.

Partisanship is American as apple pie. There’s so much partisanship in politics there’s partisanship inside the Democrat Party between moderate Democrats and progressive Democrats.

Bi-partisanship for the sake of bi-partisanship is unacceptable to the American majority who want robust progressive change instead of watered-down, ineffective, status quo policies.… Read the rest here >>>

Pres. Biden/AG Garland/DOJ Owe the American People A Duty to Prosecute Donald J. Trump

‘Trump was an unabated crime wave’: ex-prosecutor lists the atrocities

The Trump Presidency left a blueprint for another Trump-like President to finish the job of destroying democracy that Pres. Trump started.

Donald Trump has legal exposure for a “crime wave” committed while serving as president of the United States, a former federal prosecutor explained on MSNBC on Friday.

Glenn Kirschner told MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi “Donald Trump was an unabated crime wave as president.”

“Even before he became president he committed campaign finance violations with Michael Cohen, for which Michael Cohen went to prison,” he reminded. “Ali, then once he took office he could tick through the felony crimes that we can prove based on the information that has been publicly reported alone, whether it’s the bribery and extortion of President Zelenskiy, the ten counts of obstruction of justice meticulously documented by Bob Mueller in volume 2 of the Trump-Russia report for which Bob Mueller famously testified Donald Trump could be prosecuted upon leaving office.”

“There’s something we often forget about which is obstructing congressional proceedings,” he continued. “Remember, Donald Trump instructed all of his executive branch officials, do not comply with lawfully issued congressional subpoenas. And that’s very different from saying, let’s go in and assert executive privilege and fight it legitimately.”

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