Tax The Rich, Stop Borrowing From the Federal Reserve

Clearly We The People need to tax the rich and stop borrowing money from the Federal Reserve.

Sufficiently taxing large corporations (with assets greater than $500 million) and billionaires can do amazing things:

1) can relieve us from borrowing from the Federal Reserve;

2) can relieve us from increasing the national debt;

3) can allow us to stop taxing the middle class/poor;

4) can allow us to fully fund government programs;

It is essential voters recognize and realize the federal budget is not only unnecessary, but has been used by both parties to exclude the needs of We The People in favor of big corporations/special interests wants and desires.

It is essential voters realize Congress has the constitutional power and authority to issue currency and deposit it directly into a U.S. government bank account to be spent as Congress sees fit: WITHOUT BORROWING MONEY FROM THE FEDERAL RESERVE! WITHOUT INCREASING THE NATIONAL DEBT A SINGLE DIME!

The truth is, primarily the Republican Party has used the 1974 Budget Act as a hedge against meeting the needs of the People and has used it to fund big corporations/special interests.

You don’t hear a word about inflationary concerns from the GOP whenever they pass a multi-trillion dollar giftbag for wealthy Republicans/big corporations. No sir, it’s full speed ahead with tax breaks for the uber rich. Conversely, what’s the first thing you hear whenever a bill is set forth to primarily benefit the middle class and poor? Oh My God, the inflation will kill us all! Nothing could be further from the truth. Inflation occurs when demand far outstrips production; America doesn’t have that problem in the 21st century, the year 2021. Whenever the GOP encounters a bill they don’t like, they say it will cause inflation and place a greater burden on the backs of our children via the national debt. Republicans make those old claims because if they didn’t, they would have no complaint.

Republicans warned us that Democrats’ $1.9 trillion relief bill would create a wave of inflation; of course the exact opposite is true: the middle class and poor will SPEND THOSE RELIEF CHECKS – and where do you think much of that money will end up? In the pockets of the wealthy anyway.

Frontloading money directly into consumers’ hands increases the Consumers Price Index and the Producers Price Index; the high tide rises all boats indeed.

Our economy should work like a healthy circulatory system, free of clots and obstructions: increased consumer spending drives increased sales, which in turn drives increased production and orders; which increases corporate profits, which replenishes federal funding and completes the circulatory route throughout our economy.

There is no downside to frontloading cash directly into consumers hands.

Unfortunately, our current system models a patient suffering blood clots; too much blood is accumulating in one spot preventing the free flow throughout the body. Big corporations and special interests pay Congress to choke the life out of the middle class and poor for decades. It’s time for change.

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