Ending Voter Suppression

Can we ever end voter suppression? YES WE CAN END VOTER SUPPRESSION!

The greatest threat to democracy and our political system is GOP state legislators trying to pass over 400 unconstitutional, voter suppression bills nearly nation-wide.

So how do we end voter suppression?

Simply put, by federalizing our federal elections, eliminating state legislature control of our federal elections; by instituting 256-bit encryption on our Social Security Administration website using two-tiered verification; by identifying the voter via our Social Security database and voting IN YOUR ONLINE SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT.

First of all, it is essential one realize as long as state legislatures legislate and control federal elections via state operations, voters will continue to suffer ENDLESS VOTER SUPPRESSION.

THE SOLUTION to endless voter suppression is to federalize our federal elections, completely ELIMINATING state legislature control of federal elections.

THE SOLUTION includes SOCIAL SECURITY VOTING. What the heck is Social Security Voting? Each person in America who has a Social Security number enjoys an online Social Security account. You can create your own online Social Security account right now by visiting the Social Security Administration website:


You log in to your SS acc’t and view your lifetime earnings record, including how much Social Security tax you paid in to Social Security, how much you paid in FICA taxes, etc.

Social Security lists each year you worked and how much you paid in to Social Security.

THE VOTER SUPPRESSION SOLUTION includes inserting a webpage(s) into your online Social Security account, whereupon you select the U.S. President and U.S. Congresspersons of your choice.

What about hackers? Here’s the deal: 256-bit AES encryption cannot be “hacked.” Whenever you hear the media talking about someone “hacking” into a system, that hacker did NOT access the system by decryption, but by utilizing common phishing techniques, such as sending emails to admin personnel to try to get them to click on a link to enable the hacker to access the system administratively. Such problems are completely eliminated using Social Security Voting. Further, the voter will finally for the very first time be able to verify your vote was counted via Social Security Voting.

Voters simply logging in to their secure ssa.gov Social Security accounts to select a President and Congressional candidates, would certainly be a 100% improvement over than what we currently suffer. Are you old enough to remember having to stand in the line at the bank, standing forever to access your bank account? Banking customers stood in long banking lines for decades, until online banking appeared in the late 1990’s.

Now online banking and online card purchases are as routine as routine can be. Each time you use your debit card to make a purchase you are “voting” utilizing your secure 256-bit encrypted account. I remind everyone that hundreds of millions of Americans have been relying upon online encryption/security FOR DECADES to protect your money sitting in the nation’s banks.

EACH TIME YOU MAKE A DEBIT-CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION to make a purchase, you are using 256-bit encryption to “vote for” or “select” the product of your choice.

Thirty-two states permit various kinds of online voting – such as via email – for some subset of voters. In the 2016 general election, more 100,000 ballots were cast online, according to data collected by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. The actual number is likely much higher, according to some experts.

One method of enabling online voting has been to use applications based on blockchain, the peer-to-peer technology that employs encryption and a write-once, append-many electronic ledger to allow private and secure registration information and ballots to be transmitted over the internet. Over the past two years, West Virginia, Denver and Utah County, Utah have all used blockchain-based mobile apps to allow military members and their families living overseas to cast absentee ballots using an iPhone.

Mike Queen, deputy chief of staff for West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner, said that while the state currently has no plans to expand the use of the mobile voting beyond military absentee voters, his office did “a ton of due diligence” on the technology before and after using it.

“Not only does blockchain make it secure, but [the blockchain-based mobile app] has a really unique biometric safeguard system in place as well as facial recognition and thumb prints,” Queen said via email after 2018 General Election.

I believe in the future society will look back at us and ask Why in the heck didn’t society engage in secure online voting when society accepted and began using secure online banking? The sad truth is, state legislators and local officials are accustomed to “modifying” federal elections as they see fit.

When will voter suppression end? When we institute secure online voting, that’s when. After the first federal election is decided by secure online voting, Americans will never stand in line to cast their vote again and voter suppression will die.

Here is a good list of reasons why we should federalize our national elections:

1. Voters are tired of waiting in long lines to vote; tired of being ejected from the voter rolls; tired of ballot issues; tired of being turned away at the voting booth due to ID issues;

2. Social Security Voting is far more inclusive than waiting forever in long lines to vote at a polling station or voting by absentee ballots;

3. Social Security Voting eliminates local officials wrongfully tampering with national elections;

4. SSV eliminates the local cost of processing national elections;

5. SSV utilizes 256-bit AES encryption; provides true hacker-proof verified voting; Even if you used Tianhe-2 (MilkyWay-2), the fastest supercomputer in the world, it would take millions of years to crack 256-bit AES encryption.

6. SSV eliminates voting machines and voting machine issues;

7. SSV eliminates overvotes, discarded ballots, uncounted ballots and ballot issues;

8. SSV eliminates Voter ID issues;

9. SSV eliminates local control of national elections;

10. Social Security Voting literally eliminates voter suppression from our federal elections.

I wrote the Social Security Voting Act of 2020 to end voter suppression and to make it easier for everyone to vote – including people who do not have a mailing address to receive voting materials. I believe if you have a Social Security number, you should be voting. I contend Social Security Voting will vastly increase the number of voters participating in our national elections. Social Security Voting presents a conundrum to Republicans, since SSV eliminates the Voter ID issue the GOP holds so dear, but on the other hand the GOP would oppose SSV on the basis SSV will enable many more people to vote.

I have concluded that voter suppression, including election fraud, i.e., voting machine software manipulation, tabulation fraud, ballot issues, ID issues, registration issues, unequal voting machine access, etc. can be remedied by voters avoiding all these things by engaging in Social Security Voting.


If you want to understand how secure 256-bit AES encryption really is and how it works, READ THIS >>>>


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