What About the Mid-Terms?

Arguing with fence posts is not progressive. At this point, the Republicans will not vote for ANYTHING Democrats seek due to the GOP’s desire to derail, disenfranchise and deter ANY BILL Democrats try to pass. Republicans don’t give a damn about the needs of the American people. Republicans only care about trying to keep their seat in Congress, collect donations and protect their wealthy clients, corporate and large donors. Republicans will vote against ANY Democrat bill purely out of spite and political aspirations. Republicans are very afraid they will never ever regain power again.

Democrats can pass Biden’s infrastructure bill via reconciliation only; Democrats will not get a single vote from Republicans just like the last bill. Because of Traitor Joe Manchin, Democrats will not be able to pass any more bills beyond Biden’s infrastructure bill in reconciliation.

Democrats and voters need to recognize the supreme need to increase the Democrat Senate lead during the mid-term by at least two seats, to cancel out Traitor Joe and Traitor Kyrstin Sinema. THEN Democrats can reflect the will of the people in post mid-term legislation.