The Problem With GOP state election laws

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is under criminal investigation for fraud, yet he spent millions unsuccessfully proving the existence of “voter fraud.” It was a massive failure, yielding only 16 possible cases out of millions of votes.

Mitch McConnell : “I find it completely discouraging that I find a bunch of corporate CEOs gettin’ in the middle of politics. My advice to the corporate CEOs is to stay out of politics, don’t pick sides in these big fights.”

It’s easier for the GOP to suppress the vote than earn the vote.

Of all the GOP voter suppression bills/laws that cause the most harm is the VOTER ID requirement. To the unknowing the idea of requiring a person to produce valid, current driver’s license or ID in order to vote may seem appealing. In reality and practice, requiring voters to produce valid driver’s license or ID to vote is the single most harmful law disaffecting the voter’s constitutional right to vote. Nearly 25% of black voters say they do not have a valid ID or driver’s license.

First of all, did you know Americans voted without driver’s license or ID requirements for over two hundred years? Did you know the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that it is unconstitutional for a state to require a voter to have valid ID in order to vote in a national election?