This is actually what happens 👇

You must fill out application and provide your social security number and drivers license with photo ID to get the interview. You will be offered a job. If you decline, you get reported to Employment Security Commission. If you are drawing unemployment, your benefits are terminated immediately because you refused a job.

McDonald’s will share your signed application with the Employment Security Commission, to show you applied for a job, was offered a job and declined it.

It’s been reported on various online news outlets McDonald’s admits they can pay $15 an hour and it not hurt their bottom line.

McDonald’s corporate is refusing to pay a workable wage while complaining they can’t find workers.

McDonald’s employees aren’t guaranteed 40 hours a week so they can’t afford childcare or even benefits offered by McDonald’s like health insurance on $8-$10 hourly for a few work hours weekly.
Shame on McDonald’s.