MSNBC’s Chris Hayes

Duane S. Vogel:

“Hayes is a sellout pushing an imperialist, neoconservative approved foreign policy agenda because that’s the price you pay to work at MSNBC. Hayes would never have Jimmy Dore or Glenn Greenwald on, which just means that as reprehensible a white supremacist scumbag as Tucker Carlson is, MSNBC is almost as bad. Carlson has Dore and Greenwald on just because they are critical of the Democrats from the left, but there is no other left critique of the neoliberal Democrats in mainstream media. Fox lies and calls MSNBC “the left” because they are Democrats, but Democrats are neoliberals who manipulate their base using identity politics, not leftists. If they were really the left, MSNBC wouldn’t feature Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, or embrace lunatic neo cons like Nicole Wallace, John Brennan, James Clapper, David Frum, Max Boot, William Kristol, etc., just because they’re never Trumpers, while pushing war and regime change under the guise of “humanitarian interventionism”, and they wouldn’t be pushing us to the brink of war with Russia using a bunch of idiotic bullshit allegations worthy of any conspiratorial Fox watching Trump loving lunatic.”