Being Black In America

This package has been sitting outside my house for days now. Why? Because we are black. And yes, I’ll explain.
UPS mistakenly delivered this package to the wrong house. The address on the package is for a house just a block over, so we are waiting for UPS to pick up the package and deliver it to the right house.
“But Sean, why wouldn’t you be a decent person and just take the package to your neighbor? Or better yet, you have teenage sons. Send one of them. That’s the perk of having teenagers — free menial labor.”
The answer is because we’re black. And it’s extremely unsafe to send our boys to the home of any family that we don’t know in this predominantly white neighborhood.
Why? Because there is a realistic chance that one of my neighbors will see my boy as a threat and call the police or even pull a gun on him.
And if you think I’m being ridiculous or paranoid, Google “Brennan Walker,” a 14 yo black boy who earlier this month, missed the bus and tried to walk to school. He got lost and approached a house to ask for directions. The owners of this home were convinced that this 14 yo BOY had come to kill them (in broad daylight), causing the husband to pull out his gun and open fire on the fleeing BOY.… Read the rest here >>>

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1974 and 2021

In 1974 my Dad worked as a car mechanic for $5 an hour. He had 2 cars a house and 3 kids at home .
Bread was .19 cents now $1.90
Milk was .50 cents now $5
Cars were $2500 now $25,000
Houses were $20,000 now $250,000
Gas was .30 cents now $3.00
Etc. Etc.
Everything got a zero added on except my dads $5 an hour.
So if I am to live like my dad I should be making $50 an hour.

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What is the Facebook Oversight Board?

The Facebook Oversight Board is a group created by Facebook to which users can appeal important company decisions. Though it is funded by a $130 million trust created by Facebook, the board says it is an independent and neutral third party. Its goal is to review moderation decisions made by the company and decide whether they were “made in accordance with its stated values.”

First proposed in a 2018 blog post by Zuckerberg, the Oversight Board is the company’s attempt to have an outside authority handle difficult decisions. It formally started deliberating in October 2020 and has also been called “Facebook’s Supreme Court,” though it has no government affiliation or legal standing. The board is currently made of 20 people from around the world who are experts in things like journalism, misinformation, freedom of speech and extremism, though only 19 are participating in this case. The original goal was to have 40 members total, and more will continue to be added.

The board was created to appease critics who thought power over the world’s largest social network and its 3.45 billion monthly users (including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) was too concentrated in a group of Facebook executives, specifically Zuckerberg. However, critics say it outsources individual decisions without creating meaningful internal change and shields Facebook from responsibility for difficult decisions.… Read the rest here >>>

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