Healthcare In Other Countries

Cole Gurley: Hello from Australia…Im a stage 4 Ovarian Cancer patient. I was diagnosed in 2017 & immediately was referred to a Specialist Gynaecological Oncologist surgeon …that appointment cost me a few hundred dollars that I had to pay out of pocket. The Surgeon immediately scheduled me for a MRI scan, PET scan , CT scan, full bloods, DNA testing Mammogram & then after all that booked me in for surgery. I had a full hysterectomy & debulking surgery followed by 6 rounds of 3 weekly chemotherapy. Every single thing was covered by my Medicare card. It took me almost 2 weeks to get into see the specialist…it only took me a further two weeks to receive surgery in a public hospital. For all of this I pay 2% tax based on my totally annual income. Thats it. Sure if I was a millionaire 2% tax might add up…but for me & 95% of Australians…its value for money plus some. It didnt cost me a cent. Our system is definitely not perfect but when your desperately sick it’s life changing.
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Karen Suykens:
Cole Gurley – I am in Canada and have been waiting for foot surgery for quite a long time. I do have an option Of going to a sports clinic and paying $1000 out of pocket to have the surgery done immediately. Now a week ago, last Monday, I woke up having a heart attack. I called an ambulance and was taken to the hospital where they did an ECG and blood tests and admitted me. They made sure I was stable and ultimately flew me by private plane to a trauma centre where I am now. Every day they do two ECGs and a number of blood tests. Tomorrow I will get an angiogram, potential angioplasty and stent/s. I won’t have to pay a dime out of pocket. No, copayments or deductibles and my premiums are a few hundred a year. When there is urgency we are treated with urgency and that in my opinion is what matters.