Replacing Petroleum-based Plastic Bags and Containers with Hemp-based Plastic Products

80 years ago, Henry Ford finished making a car with a body composed almost entirely from hemp that also ran on clean-burning hemp fuel.

Hemp plastics may be made from 100 percent hemp and infused with hemp fibers for strength and durability, or they may be mixed with other plastics. Hemp plastics can be up to five times stiffer and 2.5 times stronger than polypropylene, and it can be used in standard plastic injection molding machines without requiring any machine modifications.

Hemp plastic is used extensively in the automotive industry for panels, and in the building industry for a variety of products where fire-retardant properties are desirable. Hemp plastic water bottles eliminate the concerns associated with BPA plastics and are completely biodegradable.

Hemp currently accounts for more than 500,000 tons per year in the European Union alone, with extremely high projected growth rates.

Henry Ford’s Hemp Car: (46 sec.)