Despite What Kamala Harris and GOP Sen. Tim Scott says, Yes Racism Exists In America:

Dear Kamala Harris, is this proof enough for you that racism exists in America?

Black homeowner sees value of property double after asking white friend to stand in for appraisal – from $100,000 to $220,000 after white stand in.
A fair housing organisation looking into the case has filed a housing discrimination complaint

26 Simple Charts To Show Family and Friends (who aren’t convinced) That Racism Is Still A Problem In America

Persuasive proof that America is full of racist and selfish people – What millions of Google searches reveal about our national psyche

100 Statistics that Prove Systemic Racism is a Thing

Kamala, here’s some charts and graphs you can share with ole Joe, proving racism in America exists:

Dear Kamala Harris: even white establishmentarians the Brookings Institute reports that racism in America exists – is that proof enough for you that racism in America exists?

Kamala, even Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream says racism is a real, tangible thing in America:

Kamala, you can share this with ole Joe….so nice of the Washington Post to publish a guide on how to explain racism in America to a non-liberal:

Dear Kamala the Cop: pls share this with white people near you:

Kamala, and by all means share all this proof of racism in America with USA TODAY and your buddy, GOP Sen. Tim Scott:

Dear Kamala: perhaps some of the best proof racism in journalism exists is the WALL STREET JOURNAL DECLARING RACISM DOESN’T EXIST IN AMERICA: