The making of a right-wing martyr: Conservatives treat Derek Chauvin’s conviction as an act of war

Throwing Derek Chauvin under the bus should have been a no-brainer for the “I’m not a racist” crowd. The pretense behind “blue lives matter” has been that it’s not that conservatives are racist but that Black Lives Matter goes “too far.” They argue that most police killings are unfortunate accidents to be tolerated in the name of greater social safety and that the “few bad apples” who do it on purpose can be held to account without widespread reform.

It was always nonsense, of course. But Chauvin’s conviction on three counts for murdering George Floyd provided conservatives a golden “hey, at least we’re not that guy” opportunity. The evidence against Chauvin was overwhelming. The video of the murder showed the world the nonchalant determination on Chauvin’s face as he snuffed out Floyd’s life. Police officials testified against Floyd. Prosecutor Steve Schleicher gave conservatives an out by saying, “This wasn’t policing, this was murder.” Conservatives could have easily clung to Chauvin’s conviction as an “exception that proves the rule” situation, insisting that because they condemn him, no one should call them racist. It would have been a lie, but occasionally cutting loose the worst members of their tribe has long been a winning strategy for the right.

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Black Attorney Brian Dunn Blames Blacks For Being Killed By Police During Duante Wright’s Funeral

Cochran Law Firm managing partner Brian Dunn appeared on MSNBC and shamelessly and strongly blamed blacks running from police as the cause and justification for police to kill blacks evading police. Dunn, a civil rights attorney who sues and wins lots of money from municipalities for police brutality against black victims, KNOWS BETTER! Brian KNOWS what every civil attorney knows: a person who is evading police has a constitutional right to evade police as long as that person is not threatening death or serious bodily harm to the officer or others. Says who? Says the U.S. Supreme Court in Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1 (1985) Held: The Tennessee statute is unconstitutional insofar as it authorizes the use of deadly force against, as in this case, an apparently unarmed, nondangerous fleeing suspect; such force may not be used unless necessary to prevent the escape and the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others. Pp. 7-22.

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How the RightWing Tricked People Into Believing There Was an Immigration Crisis

Most people seem to have accepted the truth about the so-called war on drugs. By that, I mean it was never about drugs. Its true target was non-white people, especially Black people. Its goal was social control. Slavery gave way to Jim Crow, which gave way to the mass incarceration of “undesirables.”

Illegal drugs were merely a pretext. These days, states are legalizing drugs. Some are even releasing people convicted of drug crimes.

In all, we seem to be experiencing a new age of drug enlightenment.I hope it does not take most people as long with “border security.” Like the “war on drugs,” it’s not about security.

It’s about social control. It’s about having a legal reason to put non-white people in jail, kicking them out or just acting barbarously toward them.

Drugs did not threaten the national interest until the government said they did. Same with the southern border. People used to pass freely, wherever the seasonal work took them.

It did not threaten the national interest until the government said it did.

If it isn’t already, please permit me to make it clear. When the Republicans talk about “illegal immigrants,” they’re not talking about illegal action. They’re giving voice to their real objectives.… Read the rest here >>>

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LBJ Told MLK No You Can’t

In 1964 the Civil Rights Act was passed. Afterwards, MLK informed Lyndon Johnson that blacks wanted to pass the Voting Rights Act.

Johnson told MLK he’s asking for too much, since Congress just passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

MLK didn’t take no for an answer and marched till 1965 when the 1965 Voting Rights Act was passed.

John Lewis beaten by police on Bloody Sunday, protesting for voters rights in Selma, Alabama, 1965.… Read the rest here >>>

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New York Cop Shoves Wooden Plunger Stick Up Black Man’s Ass, Convicted and Sentenced to 30 years in Prison.

Nothing, says Abner Louima – not the majestic home in Miami, not the in-ground swimming pool out back, not the stable of luxury cars in the driveway, not even the gold bracelet with his nickname, “Babou,” spelled out in diamonds – nothing, comes close to erasing his horrific memories.

“I am healed, thank God,” says Louima, the Haitian immigrant whose name became synonymous with police brutality and whose ensuing civil suit resulted in a historic $8.75 million payout by the city.

“But I still have little complications from time to time, a little pain. It’s definitely more intense around the time of year when it happened.”

Louima, 40, is as understated as he is soft-spoken. When he says “it,” he is talking about the summer morning nearly 10 years ago when he became the victim of one the city’s most unspeakable abuses of power.

Louima was arrested Aug. 9, 1997, outside a Brooklyn nightclub after he was mistaken for a man who scuffled with police called to break up a fight.

After being beaten in a squad car on the way to the 70th Precinct station house in Flatbush, Louima was hauled into a station bathroom, where an angry officer shoved a wooden stick from a plunger into his rectum.

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The Problem With GOP state election laws

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is under criminal investigation for fraud, yet he spent millions unsuccessfully proving the existence of “voter fraud.” It was a massive failure, yielding only 16 possible cases out of millions of votes.

Mitch McConnell : “I find it completely discouraging that I find a bunch of corporate CEOs gettin’ in the middle of politics. My advice to the corporate CEOs is to stay out of politics, don’t pick sides in these big fights.”

It’s easier for the GOP to suppress the vote than earn the vote.

Of all the GOP voter suppression bills/laws that cause the most harm is the VOTER ID requirement. To the unknowing the idea of requiring a person to produce valid, current driver’s license or ID in order to vote may seem appealing. In reality and practice, requiring voters to produce valid driver’s license or ID to vote is the single most harmful law disaffecting the voter’s constitutional right to vote. Nearly 25% of black voters say they do not have a valid ID or driver’s license.

First of all, did you know Americans voted without driver’s license or ID requirements for over two hundred years? Did you know the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that it is unconstitutional for a state to require a voter to have valid ID in order to vote in a national election?… Read the rest here >>>

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What About the Mid-Terms?

Arguing with fence posts is not progressive. At this point, the Republicans will not vote for ANYTHING Democrats seek due to the GOP’s desire to derail, disenfranchise and deter ANY BILL Democrats try to pass. Republicans don’t give a damn about the needs of the American people. Republicans only care about trying to keep their seat in Congress, collect donations and protect their wealthy clients, corporate and large donors. Republicans will vote against ANY Democrat bill purely out of spite and political aspirations. Republicans are very afraid they will never ever regain power again.

Democrats can pass Biden’s infrastructure bill via reconciliation only; Democrats will not get a single vote from Republicans just like the last bill. Because of Traitor Joe Manchin, Democrats will not be able to pass any more bills beyond Biden’s infrastructure bill in reconciliation.

Democrats and voters need to recognize the supreme need to increase the Democrat Senate lead during the mid-term by at least two seats, to cancel out Traitor Joe and Traitor Kyrstin Sinema. THEN Democrats can reflect the will of the people in post mid-term legislation.

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Why Do Misdemeanor Arrests Matter?

Why Do Misdemeanor Arrests Matter?

Misdemeanor offenses make up the majority of criminal cases nationwide, with estimates ranging from
75% to 80% each year (Natapoff, 2018; Stevenson & Mayson, 2018). Although misdemeanor arrests are
considered to be less serious than felony offenses (e.g., homicide, grand larceny), they can still result in
significant jail time and a permanent criminal record – both of which have been shown to negatively impact
individuals’ lives (Kohler-Hausmann, 2018; Natapoff, 2018). Further, enforcement of state misdemeanor
statutes does not reflect the full spectrum of lower-level contacts that police have with community
– local police may also enforce local, ordinance, or municipal violations through arrests,
citations, and summonses, as well as conduct other kinds of stops (traffic and pedestrian).
What drives misdemeanor enforcement?
Although misdemeanor enforcement may be driven by crime (Hughes et al., 2020) and community calls
for service (Glazener et al., 2020), research has also shown that this activity may be the result of other
influences. Changes in lower-level enforcement may be driven by factors that include:
• Police department policies and priorities (Lum & Vovak, 2017),
• Local government reliance on the fines and fees generated by a large number of convictions of
misdemeanor arrests (Martin, 2018; United States Department of Justice, 2015),
• Individual officer actions in areas of concentrated economic disadvantage (Smith, 1986; Sun et al.,
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“How much money does our federal government have?”

America’s big problems are institutional in nature: economy/income inequality, immoral tax structure, healthcare/education, voter suppression, police brutality/racism, student loan debt, etc.

Institutional problems require large, robust aggressive solutions – not piecemeal or half-baked plans. Moreover, solving institutional problems require looking at the big picture, finding the common thread tying all these institutional problems together: MONEY.

The smartest question any voter could ever, ever ask their representative is, “How much money does our federal government have?”

If you ask ten different politicians, they will surely give you ten different answers. However, they all agree on one thing: our government has enough money for what they want, but not what you want. They have a BUDGET in their hand and will tell you our government has a finite amount of money to spend – just like your household budget – and we must stick to “our budget.”


Do you recall Donald Trump and the GOP worrying about raising the national debt, inflation, or justification when Trump blessed the wealthiest class with THREE TRILLION DOLLARS IN TAX CUTS?

No, of course not. But try to get Mitch McConnell to allow a $200 billion bill benefiting the poor and middle-class to come to the floor of the Senate for a vote and suddenly Mitch is whining about you breaking the backs of his grandkids with your mountain of debt you’re strapping on their precious backs.… Read the rest here >>>

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99% Of The Time Police Are Not Prosecuted For Murder

Police officers are rarely prosecuted in the US. Here’s why:

Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd, is on trial right now. But Chauvin is a major outlier in a system that very rarely imposes serious criminal charges against cops for an on-duty shooting or killing.

Take shootings, for which Chauvin is not accused of, but for which we have the best data: Since 2005, 139 police officers have been arrested for murder or manslaughter due to an on-duty shooting, according to data from Philip Matthew Stinson, a criminal justice expert at Bowling Green State University who has been tracking the data for years. That amounts to fewer than nine prosecutions a year.

About 1,000 fatal police shootings are reported each year in the US — so the arrest rate is around 1 percent, never higher than 2 percent. Some, perhaps most, shootings are justified. But the number of police officers prosecuted “seems extremely low to me,” Stinson told me. “In my opinion, it’s got to be that more of the fatal shootings are unjustified.”

Of those 139 officers, just 44 were convicted (with 42 cases still pending). Many of those convictions came on lesser charges: Just seven officers have been convicted of murder in police shootings since 2005, with their prison sentences ranging from 81 months to life.

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The Republican Insurgency

4% of Americans believe violence is justified because the election was stolen from them. That equates to approximately ten million Americans.
Donald Trump and Republicans created the BIG LIE that the 2020 election was stolen. Last January 6, 2021 the Republican insurgency reared its ugly head at the Capitol. A portion of those 4% who believe violence is justified showed up at the Capitol and engaged in violence.

I predict it will happen again during the mid-term elections. Trump and Republicans truly, truly believe they and they alone represent mainstream America; they believe they represent the majority of Americans; however, the exact opposite is true. Such facts will not inhibit or deter a Republican insurgency from rearings its ugly head again during the mid-term elections.
Trump and the GOP believed they were invincible, as Trump explained: if we lose it will only be because of Democrats cheating.

Trump and his Followers suffer a never-ending mass delusion that Trump won the 2020 election and absent Democrats cheating, shall win all subsequent elections.

When you couple that delusion with 4% of Americans who believe violence is justified, another Republican insurgency seems inevitable.

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