Bernie Is Being Cheated Again. Will He Fight? with Tim Canova
Tim Canova ran against former DNC Chair and figurehead “Debbie Does Elections” Wasserman-Schultz, losing to Debbie despite Tim being 30 points ahead in the polls. The ballots were criminally destroyed and no justice was served.
51,658 views • Mar 19, 2020

Since the Democrat Leadership Council, the leadership of the Democrat Party has been beholden unto corporate interests and AIPAC. The DLC and the DNC both were and are warmongering corporatists who care more about making war in the Middle East for cash and prizes, Israel and U.S. defense contractors than care about improving the lives of the working class and poor people of America.

The DNC can stop Bernie Sanders, but they cannot stop the forward momentum and will of We The Progressives.

We can’t keep electing neoliberals to Congress who thrive off self-interest and DNC goals, while parceling incrementalism for the People.

The problem with the Democrat primary is each state’s election system is constitutionally defective, unable to render a free and fair election.


The problem with Bernie is he hasn’t said a word about:

“Progressivism beyond the Democrat Party” – Bernie hasn’t said Word One about moving forward with a new party, or anything of the kind.

“Election fraud” – Why hasn’t Bernie said a word about primary election fraud in 2016 or 2020? Why didn’t Bernie file a federal lawsuit against the DNC and states?

“Future of Progressives” – How could Bernie possibly ask or expect progressives to continue to move down the path to another Dead-end with the Democrat Party? Bernie’s 0-2.

Bernie’s vision was to become the nominee, then create a new Democratic Party of progressive leadership and de-commission the old DNC guard.

AOC said, “Our generation seems to have a streak of progressivism that doesn’t seem to be going away soon,” and that, while “movements aren’t necessarily electoral,” as “people get better at learning to vote over time.”

“I cannot tell you how many people our campaign has spoken to who have said – and I quote – ‘I like what your campaign stands for,” Sanders said soberly from his hometown of Burlington last week. “‘I agree with what your campaign stands for. But I’m going to vote for Joe Biden because I think Joe is the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump.”