Being Black In America

This package has been sitting outside my house for days now. Why? Because we are black. And yes, I’ll explain.
UPS mistakenly delivered this package to the wrong house. The address on the package is for a house just a block over, so we are waiting for UPS to pick up the package and deliver it to the right house.
“But Sean, why wouldn’t you be a decent person and just take the package to your neighbor? Or better yet, you have teenage sons. Send one of them. That’s the perk of having teenagers — free menial labor.”
The answer is because we’re black. And it’s extremely unsafe to send our boys to the home of any family that we don’t know in this predominantly white neighborhood.
Why? Because there is a realistic chance that one of my neighbors will see my boy as a threat and call the police or even pull a gun on him.
And if you think I’m being ridiculous or paranoid, Google “Brennan Walker,” a 14 yo black boy who earlier this month, missed the bus and tried to walk to school. He got lost and approached a house to ask for directions. The owners of this home were convinced that this 14 yo BOY had come to kill them (in broad daylight), causing the husband to pull out his gun and open fire on the fleeing BOY.… Read the rest here >>>

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1974 and 2021

In 1974 my Dad worked as a car mechanic for $5 an hour. He had 2 cars a house and 3 kids at home .
Bread was .19 cents now $1.90
Milk was .50 cents now $5
Cars were $2500 now $25,000
Houses were $20,000 now $250,000
Gas was .30 cents now $3.00
Etc. Etc.
Everything got a zero added on except my dads $5 an hour.
So if I am to live like my dad I should be making $50 an hour.

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Dissecting James Carville and Johnny Walker Red:

76-year old former U.S. Marine and Clinton adviser James Carville recently complained that progressive Democrats are “too woke.”

A hit dog barks loudly. Carville was hit by an ever-evolving society which happens to include progressive Democrats.

Carville says people are “too woke” – too woke for whom? too woke compared to what? If Carville is comparing 2021 society to Clinton-era society, then yes, Carville thinks people are “too woke.”

Carville once opposed gay marriage and LGBTQ rights when his bosses, the Clintons also opposed gay marriage and LGBTQ rights.

James Carville said: “Here’s another stupid thing: Democrats talking about free college tuition or debt forgiveness. I’m not here to debate the idea. What I can tell you is that people all over this country worked their way through school, sent their kids to school, paid off student loans. They don’t want to hear this shit.”

Wrong again James. Americans do want to hear this shit. Not only do they want to hear this shit, they want BIG GOVERNMENT TO 100% ELIMINATE STUDENT DEBT and support free college tuition.

“A new poll released today by Student Defense, the Defend Students Action Fund, and Data for Progress indicates there is substantial, bipartisan support for student loan relief programs and widespread student loan forgiveness.

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George Washington

I wonder what George Washington would prescribe for the insurrectionists who attempted to overthrow the U.S. government, attacking the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. By any measure of Washington’s historical practice, George Washington and his men would have executed the Jan. 6 insurrectionists on the steps of the Capitol.

Washington’s general order, June 28, 1776 in Lawrence J. Morris (2010). Military Justice: A Guide to the Issues. ABC-CLIO. p. 15. ISBN 9780275993665.

“The unhappy fate of Thomas Hickey, executed this day for mutiny, sedition, and treachery, the General hopes will be a warning to every soldier in the Army to avoid those crimes, and all others, so disgraceful to the character of a soldier, and pernicious to his country, whose pay he receives and bread he eats. And in order to avoid those crimes, the most certain method is to keep out of the temptation of them, and particularly to avoid lewd women, who, by the dying confession of this poor criminal, first led him into practices which ended in an untimely and ignominious death.”

Thomas Hickey (traitor) A jury found Hickey guilty of mutiny, sedition, and “holding a treacherous correspondence with the enemy.” He was sentenced to die the next day.

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Why are Republicans so terrified of taxpayer-supported child care?

‘Hillbilly Elegy’ author JD Vance faces backlash over remarks connecting nationalism to fertility rate
01 May, 2021

In other countries, universal resources are common. From daycare to healthcare and college, many countries have incorporated these benefits to assist citizens and now President Joe Biden is looking to do the same.

An op-ed published by The Guardian discusses Republicans’ resistance to universal daycare as if it were the plague. The American Families Plan, if passed, would contribute vastly to much-needed improvements for the United States’ childcare system. The piece of legislation would also provide billions in funding for three critical areas in the childcare system: universal preschool, paid family leave, and subsidized childcare.

Although a substantial number of Americans would likely approve of the plan, Republicans are not thrilled about it because there is one detail they are not thrilled about. The plan would be funded by the higher taxes that will be imposed on the wealthy 1%. For that reason, Republican lawmakers have no interest in the plan coming to fruition.

The author highlighted how the core of Republicans’ belief systems deeply contradicts their opposition to universal childcare. “Who wouldn’t support investing in children?” she wrote. “The party of “family values”, of course!

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In Yet Another Threat to Dems’ Agenda, Manchin Opposes DC Statehood Bill

“Over the course of U.S. history, we’ve added 37 states,” said one expert who pushed back against the senator’s position. “Not a single one required a constitutional amendment.”
Sen. Joe Manchin opposes making Washington, D.C. the nation’s 51st state through the legislative process, arguing that a constitutional amendment is needed for the popular move.

ADMIN: “Joe Manchin is a career criminal relaxing on his $700,000 68-ft. yacht…then he is chauffered home to his $10 million mansion – all on a Senator’s $174,000 salary! Magic huh? Manchin is a Republican conservative who thought it would be cute and profitable to run as a Democrat. His Republican comrades LOVE THEM SOME JOE MANCHIN! (and reward Manchin accordingly)”

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia bolstered his impedimentary pedigree on Friday by becoming the first Democratic senator to publicly oppose legislation that would make Washington, D.C. the nation’s 51st state.

D.C. statehood would not only end “taxation without representation” for the capital’s approximately 700,000 residents, it would also boost Manchin’s own party’s political fortunes as the city’s residents overwhelmingly vote Democratic. Following last week’s passage of the Washington, D.C. Admissions Act (H.R. 51) by the House of Representatives, voting rights advocates demanded the Senate follow suit.

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GOP Senator Tim Scott Fighting America’s Quest To END Qualified Immunity for Police Officers

“The Democrats’ voting plan isn’t about protecting voting rights, it’s about rigging elections for the future.”

“Woke supremacy is as bad as White Supremacy”
– GOP Senator Tim Scott

ADMIN: “Republican Party officials thought it was smart to send Tim Scott to meet with surviving black families of police murder victims to come to an agreement on “police reform.”

This is a joke because any real police reform MUST include eliminating qualified immunity for police officers – something the GOP and Republican Sen. Tim Scott will never, ever agree to eliminate under any circumstances.

The media, Sen. Tim Scott, the GOP and some Democrat Congresspersons will pressure the surviving families of black victims of police brutality and murder to accept a watered-down “police reform” bill which most certainly WILL NOT INCLUDE ELIMINATION OF QUALIFIED IMMUNITY FOR POLICE OFFICERS.

Sen. Tim Scott and the Republican Party present their police reform “compromise” to end qualified immunity for police departments. Any federal attorney who has ever sued in a police brutality/murder case KNOWS WHY such a so-called “compromise” is ridiculous: when an attorney sues on behalf of a victim of police brutality/murder the attorney sues and names the City and City manager as primary defendants along with the offending officer(s).

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The single, most important action we can take to eliminate police brutality and murder is to decriminalize non-violent misdemeanors.

We need a federal law decriminalizing all non-violent misdemeanors. If a person fails to appear for a misdemeanor court date, then that person’s driver’s license is suspended until the absentee shows up to court to resolve their misdemeanor case.

The great majority of police excessive force complaints would have never occurred had all non-violent misdemeanors been decriminalized. I cannot emphasize this enough.

A majority of 911 calls DO NOT REQUIRE dispatching armed, uniformed officers. The great majority of 911 calls are non-violent, non-emergency issues, medical assistance issues, non-violent domestic issues.

If we eliminate non-violent misdemeanor arrests, we categorically eliminate the great majority of police brutality/murder cases.

Did you know the nationwide average for felony arrest per officer is approx. one felony arrest per year?

Most of the arrests an officer makes annually and in his or her career are misdemeanor arrests.

Felony arrests per officer are far less frequent than most people realize: eliminate all non-violent misdemeanors from arrest and you just eliminated the great majority of all police brutality/murder cases.

The Scale of Misdemeanor Justice: “The first notable fact the data reveal is no surprise: the volume of misdemeanor cases is very high.

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Senate Democrats want to replace most of your lost paycheck with permanently boosted unemployment benefits

Joseph Zeballos-Roig Apr 14, 2021, 8:20 AM

*Senate Democrats have unveiled a plan to boost unemployment benefits permanently.

*The plan aims to replace 75% of a worker’s lost paycheck.

*It also sets up a $250 weekly benefit for gig workers who don’t qualify for regular unemployment.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR)

A pair of Senate Democrats introduced a plan on Wednesday to permanently boost unemployment benefits, making state checks larger to cover most of a worker’s lost wages.

The plan from Sens. Ron Wyden of Oregon and Michael Bennet of Colorado would mandate states to replace up to 75% of a person’s income at their last job. It also sets up a $250 “jobseeker allowance” for gig workers and contractors — essentially a weekly benefit that replaces Pandemic Unemployment Assistance so those types of workers are no longer barred from receiving state unemployment.

Gig workers have secured access to unemployment benefits in 2020 and 2021, but only on an emergency basis via the pandemic-related stimulus programs. Currently, laid-off workers are eligible under PUA for a $300 weekly federal unemployment benefit — on top of state payouts — which is slated to end on Labor Day.

“Unemployment programs are critical to helping workers stay afloat during difficult times — but too many workers still struggle to access their benefits in our patchwork of outdated state systems,” Wyden said in a statement.

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Manchin Mocks Sanders’ $15 Wage Bill At Restaurant Lobbyist Event

Sen. Joe Manchin, left, and National Restaurant Association Executive Vice President Sean Kennedy

When Joe Manchin told attendees at the National Restaurant Association (NRA)’s national conference on Tuesday that the minimum wage shouldn’t be more than $11 and there should still be a subminimum wage for tipped workers, the group’s chief lobbyist couldn’t contain his excitement.

“From your lips to God’s ears,” exclaimed Sean Kennedy, the NRA’s executive vice president of public affairs, who spoke with the Democratic senator from West Virginia as part of a virtual panel entitled, “Seeking Unity: Conversations on Finding Bipartisan Solutions.”

The NRA is a powerful, sprawling lobbying operation, with $289 million in revenue in 2018 and state affiliates around the country. The organization has been leading the charge to block a federal $15 minimum wage and is also fighting a separate Democratic effort to make it easier for workers to form unions.

Manchin, along with Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, were added to the NRA conference line-up after they joined six other Democrats in blocking an attempt by Sen. Bernie Sanders to add a $15 minimum wage provision to the Democrats’ COVID-19 relief legislation in March.

Both lawmakers have also spoken out against efforts to reform the filibuster — a stand that will keep a lid on many key Democratic legislative priorities — and they have recently enjoyed cash infusions from business interests that would be affected by the party’s proposals.

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Congress Urged to Stop Pending Medicare Payment Cuts

— At stake: scheduled payment reductions totalling $54 billion
by Joyce Frieden, Washington Editor, MedPage Today March 16, 2021

WASHINGTON — Healthcare groups are applauding efforts being made in Congress to stop two different cuts to the Medicare budget — both of which are due to “sequestration” requirements — before it’s too late.

One cut, part of the normal budget process, is a 2% — or $18 billion — cut in the projected Medicare budget under a process known as “sequestration.” Sequestration allows for prespecified cuts in projected agency budget increases if Congress can’t agree on their own cuts. Medicare’s budget had been slated for a 2% sequester cut in fiscal year 2020; however, due to the pandemic and the accompanying increased healthcare needs, Congress passed a moratorium on the 2% cut. That moratorium is set to expire on April 1.

Another projected cut — this one for 4%, or $36 billion — will be triggered by the COVID relief bill, formally known as the American Rescue Plan Act. That legislation, which President Biden signed into law last Thursday, must conform to the PAYGO (pay-as-you-go) Act, which requires that any legislation that has a cost to it that is not otherwise offset must be offset by sequestration-style budget cuts to mandatory programs, including Medicare.

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What is the Facebook Oversight Board?

The Facebook Oversight Board is a group created by Facebook to which users can appeal important company decisions. Though it is funded by a $130 million trust created by Facebook, the board says it is an independent and neutral third party. Its goal is to review moderation decisions made by the company and decide whether they were “made in accordance with its stated values.”

First proposed in a 2018 blog post by Zuckerberg, the Oversight Board is the company’s attempt to have an outside authority handle difficult decisions. It formally started deliberating in October 2020 and has also been called “Facebook’s Supreme Court,” though it has no government affiliation or legal standing. The board is currently made of 20 people from around the world who are experts in things like journalism, misinformation, freedom of speech and extremism, though only 19 are participating in this case. The original goal was to have 40 members total, and more will continue to be added.

The board was created to appease critics who thought power over the world’s largest social network and its 3.45 billion monthly users (including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) was too concentrated in a group of Facebook executives, specifically Zuckerberg. However, critics say it outsources individual decisions without creating meaningful internal change and shields Facebook from responsibility for difficult decisions.… Read the rest here >>>

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