Ultimate Tax Reform

Clearly We The People need to tax the rich and stop borrowing money from the Federal Reserve.

Sufficiently taxing large corporations and the uber rich can do amazing things:

1) can relieve us from borrowing from the Federal Reserve;

2) can relieve us from increasing the national debt;

3) can allow us to stop imposing any federal tax on the middle class/poor and small businesses;

4) can allow us to fully fund government programs;

Shocking thing is, we could completely eliminate federal income tax on the middle class and poor AND small businesses by imposing a 50% corporate tax on large corporations with assets of $500 million or greater; and by Congress deposting currency directly into U.S. government bank accounts at the U.S. Treasury Dept. The money we deposit into these accounts can be used to fully fund federal programs, similiar to a business expense account.

It is essential voters recognize and realize the federal budget is not only unnecessary, but has been used by both parties to exclude the needs of We The People in favor of big corporations/special interests wants and desires.

It is essential voters realize Congress has the constitutional power and authority to issue currency and deposit it directly into a U.S. government bank account to be spent as Congress sees fit: WITHOUT BORROWING MONEY FROM THE FEDERAL RESERVE! WITHOUT INCREASING THE NATIONAL DEBT A SINGLE DIME!